Simple Solution to the Email Server Problem

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Simple Solution to the Email Server Problem

Ahmed Mohombe

at the moment is very 'unpleasant' to use the JIRA cause one doesn't know what's happening with each
ticket. The only way at the moment is to constantly see their content, but that's not very
practical, just increases the server traffic and takes a lot of time.

Phil said that it will setup an email server, but this seems to me not an easy and fast solution.
To setup an email server (with correct security settings) it's a pretty work intensive task :).

Here is another solution, much simpler and faster in my opinion:
#1 - add at another mail list: click-notify

#2 - register it to gmane, but with readonly access from newsgroups(just to see very fast what's

#3 - 'register' to this email list two(or three) users by hand: JIRA, Confluence (and maybe CVS).

#4 - now use these accounts for the JIRA and Confluence(and CVS if SF allows it) configuration
instead of a dedicated e-mail server.

#5 - enjoy, cause this was simple and it just works :).

The above solution is very simple, very fast and it's adopted by many projects.
Thanks to gmane, everything is structured, and the comments to tickets appear as 'reply' to the
original post in Thunderbird.

Why is there a need for a new mail list "click-notify"?
- because it's very clean, and many projects that redirect those messages to 'devel' make those
lists unusable. After a while, many of them create a special list for notifications :).
Browsing at gmane, one can discover how many are in this situation.

You can call this new lists 'click-notify' or 'click-auto' or 'click-readonly' or whatever.

What do you say?

Thanks in advance,


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