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Ahmed Mohombe
> Click is now online with Confluence (wiki) and Jira (issue tracker).  
> Migration of the issues will happen this weekend.  By default,
> now redirects to
>, and the examples and jira are linked
> from there ( and
> respectively).
This is just fantastic :).

> I suppose this would be a good time to begin discussing a more relevant
> domain name.  I believe all variations of 'click are taken, but all
> 'clickframework' variations are available.
> Thoughts?
Totally agree.
Unfortunately the 'Click' word is overused and related to good and bad
(see doubleclick practices :)).

I saw somewhere(can't remember where) that the workd 'click' can be used
in very easy combinations for applications that sound very easy to
remember - so these applications could be based on Click in our case :):

Online shop: (Click and Buy) - Click'n Buy: ClicknBuy
Tracker: (Click and Track) - Click'n Track: ClicknTrack/ClicknTrac
E-learning: Click and Learn - Click'n Learn: ClicknLearn
... - there are many combinations possible, all having "Click'n"
and could be based on Click as a framework :).

So maybe the domain could be 'Clickn', and it was a few minutes ago free
for: is available. is available. is available.

Of course, in this case, that domain would host the applications too :),
not just the framework - it would make more sense.

Another option would be NOT to register a domain with a framework name,
but if one has a company and a domain that could offer commercial
service(for click too), than to put it there as subdomain:

And another one: to find something like or :).
In this case the middle part is not a whole word, so maybe there are
better chances to find something free :). Of course it must not end with
'*.us', but everything available - I suppose this wouldn't be a problem
these days - many registrars operate world wide.

I think, #2 is the most convenient, cause one is using the domain for
something real, and the subdomain it's free. Besides, if the framework
gets popular, than the 'domain'/business would benefit :).
Of course, this only if the plans for the framework are soemthing in
that direction.

These were just first shot ideas :), so I hope they don't sound too ... :).


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