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Fwd: ASF Board Meeting Summary - January 15, 2014

Scott Gray
Did Malcolm properly resign by notifying the Apache Board and has a
new PMC Chair been chosen?  This is the second project report that
hasn't been delivered.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brett Porter <[hidden email]>
Date: 17 January 2014 05:24
Subject: ASF Board Meeting Summary - January 15, 2014
To: [hidden email]

The January board meeting took place on the 15th.

The following directors were present:

  Shane Curcuru
  Doug Cutting
  Bertrand Delacretaz
  Roy T. Fielding
  Jim Jagielski
  Chris Mattmann
  Brett Porter
  Sam Ruby
  Greg Stein

The following officers were present:

  Ross Gardler
  Rich Bowen
  Craig L Russell

The following guests were present:

  Sean Kelly
  Daniel Gruno
  Marvin Humphrey
  Henri Yandell
  Daniel Kulp
  David Nalley
  Noah Slater
  Hadrian Zbarcea
  Jake Farrell

The December minutes were approved.
Minutes will be posted to http://www.apache.org/foundation/records/minutes/

All of the received reports to the board were approved.

The following reports were not received and are expected next month:

  Report from the Apache Click Project  [Malcolm Edgar]
  Report from the Apache Helix Project  [Kishore Gopalakrishna]
  Report from the Apache jclouds Project  [Andrew Bayer]
  Report from the Apache Mesos Project  [Benjamin Hindman]
  Report from the Apache Onami Project  [Simone Tripodi]
  Report from the Apache OpenJPA Project  [Pinaki Poddar]

The following resolutions were passed unanimously:

  A. Increase Brand Management Budget
  B. Increase Executive Assistant Budget

The next board meeting will be on the 19th of February.